Our equipment is top-notch, specialized for dog grooming only. Our products are produced in order to aid with skin conditions, allergies, fleas & ticks. We offer luxury scented shampoos and conditioners in order to fully pamper each furry client. We also welcome your specialized shampoo provided by your veterinarian!

Our dryers are warm dryers – we don't use heat dryers as soon lately in the press. The main goal is to hand-dry each dog as fluffs the hair and exfoliates dead skin. Some dogs are frightened by the noise and need to be trained to tolerate and, eventually, enjoy the feeling of being dried by dryer. If your dog does not tolerate the dryer at all, we will simply allow them to dry in a kennel with one of our warm driers and/or a fan. 

Our facility is cage free, meaning that we do have limited kennels for things like drying, napping, lunches and dog aggressive dogs. We have a small fenced area in our salon to offer free roam and socialization between dogs. This means that we take the "daycare" concept, keeping limited grooming spots available; your dog receives a "spa day" and a "play date" at the same time!

This is especially beneficial for the rescues in the area are usually terrified to go back into a cage. 

We work by appointment only due to our limited space. Appointments can be made months, weeks, or days in advance.

As stated before, we require all dogs to be current on Rabies, Bordetella and distemper/parvo vaccinations. We WILL NOT accept any dogs that do not have up to date vaccination records. The reason for this requirement is due to the socialization and interaction of the dogs. Parvo and Kennel Cough (bordetella) are air-borne viruses and are too easily contracted. These viruses are dangerous to your dog's health, therefore we require these vaccines for safety reasons.