We offer all grooming services including:

  • Bathing (choice of generic products or products free from chemicals)
  • Grooming (cutting of hair)
  • Nail Trimming & Maintenance
  • Shedding Treatments
  • Specified Grooming (including breed cuts)
  • Flea Baths
  • Tick Removal
  • Aiding in the Treatment of Minor Skin Conditions (**will require additional documentation from veterinarian**) including application of veterinary approved topical treatments
  • Specialized handling for puppies, rescues, nervous dogs, elderly dogs and dogs being medically treated (**Will require additional documentation from veterinarian**)

All dogs are priced according to breed, condition of coat, temperament, and frequency of grooming. Please call for a price quote for your pet. 


The Atlanta Area is known for all of our no kill shelters. Having so many rescue dogs in the area, I would say that rescued dogs make up over half of our clientele. With that honor comes the responsibility of handling dogs with high levels of anxiety, untrusting personalities, quick reactions (including fear biting) that make the person handling these animals nervous–Not Us!

We have the specialized skills to calmly work with these dogs to help them "come out of their shell," to help them relax and receive the nurture and pampering they deserve. While these dogs are not our only focus, they are important to our community and to us!

We also offer specialized puppy grooming. Many people wait until puppies are almost one year old to have them groomed. We suggest that you start them at 4-6 months old. They can come into the salon as early as 4 months after they have received their 3rd set of puppy shots. Puppies have very sensitive personalities. Like any child (human or K-9), they are learning every second of their awake time. We slowly introduce them to the grooming process.

Their first visit includes 2-4 hours of play time, bath, nail trim, ears cleaned, blow dry, brush-out, fragrance bow/bandana, trim eyes/face, feet, puppy booty and anal glands upon request. We require each pup to visit a minimum of one time per month so that our training/specialized handling starts to become a part of their lives. 

***Please call for price quotes on this service for your pup.***